Virgil said, “Fortune favors the bold.” Well, color me bold. I’ve decided that I can keep writing about delightful things I’ve manifested in my life or I can walk my talk and bring my readers on a journey where I actually set out to manifest something specific.

Are you ready? OK, I’m taking the word a bit literally — “man”-ifest. Yes, I am going to manifest a man. Or more specifically, a loving relationship with a wonderful man. I am single and ready for some meaningful companionship.

The first thing I must do is give The Universe specific instructions. I learned this the hard way because about five years ago one night I asked The Universe to send me a kind, smart, funny man to sit next to me on my couch and enjoy the great HBO Sunday lineup and I got exactly that. Nothing against that dear friend, but I had forgotten to ask The Universe for sex. Soooooooo …

Qualities for my relationship man, in no special order:

— smart
— kind
— witty
— communicative
— thoughtful about spirituality
— ambitious
— sexy and sexual
— passionate about life
— available

Hmmmm. Do I want to add ‘urban’ to the list? I really don’t want to limit myself, but I also don’t want a lawn. And then of course there’s the issue of kids. I’m not interested in having them, but a guy who already has children would be cool.

I think I’ve covered the things that really matter to me. According to The Secret, the idea is to Ask, Believe, Receive. Today I am asking. The believing begins now and must be sustained through action and openness. I will hereby engage people more and not be shy about asking if they know any great available guys.

So there it is. I have taken the first step. I hope Virgil is right.