Free again
Lucky, lucky me
Free again
Time to call up all the crowd
Raise the roof and shout out loud
Time to have a party
— from Free Again by Barbra Streisand

A few weeks ago I made up my mind to leave my day job. It has served me well. I cleared space in my head and made the decision. Two days later, an ad for a terrific-sounding life coaching job appeared in my email box. Over a week later, I received an email regarding the possibility of being a columnist — a long-held dream.

I wrote my resignation letter early last week and dated it for Friday, November 30. The next day I got the column offer. I’m still waiting to hear about the life coaching job. But in the meantime, great new clients have appeared.

I can’t stress it enough. I cleared the space first. Then came the good stuff. Manifesting at its finest.

I am so free.