I’m out of hiding.

Yes, it’s true.

For nearly a year I was writing a blog called The Universal Flow. I created it in addition to my already existing blog, Write Thinking, because I wanted a more spiritual outlet. Here’s the intro from that blog: I believe there are decisions we make that are in accordance with The Universal Flow, that if we pay attention we will notice that, in fact, the Universe is conspiring to help us live our best life. I also believe that we have the ability to manifest what happens in our lives. This blog is an expression of that way of being, with all its exhilaration and messiness.

My original intent in keeping these blogs separate was strictly business. From a marketing standpoint, I wasn’t sure if I wanted potential life coaching clients to be turned off by what some people call “woo woo” stuff. That was also why much of my writing was not on my former website.

But now, I’m out. Color me exposed.

My new thinking is this — anyone who doesn’t hire me because they read my essay on leaving Catholicism or who thinks my spirituality is ‘out there’ probably isn’t the right client for me. Simple really. I think it’s better to equip people with lots of information so they can get a feel for who I am and how I operate in the world.

So if you want to read only the “woo woo” stuff, click on the The Universal Flow in the category area. Or if Write Thinking is your pleasure, that’s there, too. Otherwise, enjoy this one blog integrating the writer, columnist and life coach in me.

I’m out, baby.