I go through these phases with books. Voracious one minute. Lull the next. I have been in a bit of a lull lately, but having these fabulous Shelfari bookshelves on my website has made me more aware of that aspect of my life.

Today I dug into Chapter 6 of Steering by Starlight and I am as delighted as ever with it. Martha Beck’s style is so accessible and illuminating.

But I’ve also been getting signs from The Universe that it’s time to think about the next one. I just received a Barnes and Noble gift card as a thank you. A friend called to say he is cleaning out his “spiritual library” and he wanted to give me first crack at it before donating the books. My fresh issue of O magazine arrived and the theme is books. I think this pattern is happening because what I’m reading so often sets me up for what’s to come or validates something I’m thinking or upends what I thought was best for me. Most of the books I recommend on my Shelfari shelves were ones I read concurrently while I was in a voracious cycle.

I think I’m on the brink of another …