I began my day reading the final chapter in Martha Beck’s Steering by Starlight. It was a warm, delightful ending to an illuminating book, both from my perspective as a life coach and as a person living her best life. This part made me smile big:

“Ordinariness,” which our culture tends to see as disappointing, is considered the highest manifestation of enlightenment in many other belief systems. I treasure my ordinary days, the ordinariness of my life as a whole.

I agree wholeheartedly. Those days, like today, where I start with reading something thoughtful, do the laundry, write meditative pages in my journal at a cafe, and walk across the street for a mani/pedi are so joyful. I, too, have used the word “treasure” when speaking of the days when the routine can be done at a leisurely yet productive pace.

But … I’m also willing to take leaps of faith into extraordinary experience when my North Star seems to require such leaps. 

Yes, Martha, that too. The leaps are a blast.