Today was about laying low. A sweet workout with some help from Madonna’s Immaculate Collection. A quiet read through chapter 5 in Steering by Starlight. A slammin’ good citrus whole wheat orzo salad (if I do say so myself), an idea inspired from a dish I had in a restaurant last night.

A short visit from a friend who came bearing a thoughtful gift — a little statue of Kali (according to Wikipedia, a Hindu goddess associated with death and destruction. Despite her negative connotations, she is not actually the goddess of death, but rather of Time and Change). Bring it, baby.

And there’s a new show on USA that I’m digging — In Plain Sight. The main character, Mary, is a U.S. marshal who takes care of people in the Witness Protection Program. It’s fascinating. Plus, she’s irreverent and funny and good at what she does. Reminds me of a Janet Evanovich character. Don’t mess with Mary.

A terrific Sunday.