Just received my July/August issue of Palisade, a local magazine about life along the Hudson River, which features a story about life coaches. Editor-in-chief Theta Pavis — who recently won first place in the magazine category for feature writing by the New Jersey Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists — wrote the life coaching piece after doing consultations with several area coaches, including yours truly. It is a frank and balanced article which Pavis begins like this — To say that I was skeptical about life coaching would be an understatement. Yet after several weeks of investigating this rapidly growing field and sitting down for a few coaching sessions myself, I’ve changed my mind.

Bravo. So many writers compare hiring a life coach to getting a “mommy” or they dismissively tell people to get friends instead. Openness and willingness to find the right coaching match are essential to tapping into what the life coaching profession offers. Pavis really got it.

And apparently she really gets “Game Plan” as well:

Colasurdo spent years as a print and Internet journalist and writes a life coach column on Foxbusiness.com (which, by the way, I find inspiring and can’t stop reading.)

Thank you. All the way around.