So today I had a root canal. I’m not going to say it was pleasant, especially given the two hours in the chair, but my fear subsided after four needles rendered me without feeling on one side of my face. I walked out of the dentist’s office a bit dazed, met a friend for some ‘gentle’ conversation, and then decided rather than give in to the urge to lie down, I’d head to Buddhist meditation class.

It made perfect sense since I believe I manifested this and that my body is trying to tell me something ‘bigger.’ I had already scoured my Louise Hay book (You Can Heal Your Life) for some answers and here’s what it said:

Problem: Teeth
Probable Cause: Represent decisions. Long-standing indecisiveness. Inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions.
New Thought Pattern: I make my decisions based on the principles of truth, and I rest securely knowing that only right action is taking place in my life.
Also, see root canal.

Problem: Root Canal
Probable Cause: Can’t bite into anything anymore. Root beliefs being destroyed.
New Thought Pattern: I create firm foundations for myself and for my life. I choose my beliefs to support me joyously.

With so much happening in my life that upends how I used to think and what I used to believe, somehow this all feels logical and even sensible. Every day I am in situations that show me how much my belief system has shifted or been rocked to its core.

I treasure my body, how it moves, how it works, what it tells me. Today it is putting me through some discomfort, yet I am grateful that we are learning to read each other so well.

And, well, maybe for the container of rice pudding that is calling my name from the kitchen.