When I saw the Van Gogh exhibit at MOMA last week, I came away with one small souvenir: a postcard of his painting called The Sower. I think I was particularly drawn to its message and the big sunrise on the horizon because I feel that 2008 has been a year of sowing in my life. That bodes well for 2009, doesn’t it?

Then I was reading Astrology Zone by Susan Miller and smiled when I saw this:

We only get a year this critical every 12 years, so it is as rare as it is wonderful. The seeds you planted in 2008 will now begin to grow in the next gestation, the second cycle, also a year in length, due to start after January 5, 2009.

Not to mention this:

Let’s just say that Pluto rules transformations, so you are akin to a silk worm that is about to blossom into a butterfly over time.

And this, because it is already happening:

You’ll feel the light bulb go on over your head several times this month, so if you need to come up with ideas (and who doesn’t?) then you will do so this month.

And finally:

Remember how hard mid-2003 to mid-2005 was for you? This will be just the opposite. Those dark days are over and they are not coming back!

Go ahead, make my day.