Here’s what I love about self-employment. I spent about six hours working yesterday so that I could goof off in Manhattan after a business appointment today. Nice trade-off.

And so I arrived in Midtown about 45 minutes early for my appointment when my cell phone rang. It was the friend I had shared the MOMA experience with last week. He was calling from the couch in that darned Pipilotti Rist installation at the museum, so I joined him for about 20 minutes of Zen before shuffling off to Madison Avenue. Conducted a delightful interview, had lunch with a dear business contact and then it was back to Fifth Avenue for some holiday cheer.

Treated myself to a Lindor truffle and put a spare in my pocket before heading to Bergdorf Goodman to see the windows. So gorgeous. How they get so much nuance in an all-white display is mind-blowing. Stopped in Pucci to treat my eyes en route to Saks for more window-gazing. Saks gets the prize for meaningful and wondrous so far, as its theme is Mike, the snowflake that dared to be different and thus opened up the possibility for all the snowflakes to be themselves, to be individual. Can you stand how cool that is?

Walked by the tree — courtesy of my hometown, Hamilton, N.J. — and picked up the subway, as Macy’s was next on my list. Terrific windows with resounding themes of joy and hope. As I made my way to the escalator to go to Holiday Lane on the ninth floor, I noticed the big mailbox and the stack of empty postcards addressed to Santa Claus. People were gathered around, filling them out. So I joined in, writing my detailed wish and dropping it in the big red receptacle. Bring it, Santa.

Holiday Lane was fun, as always. Lots of themed trees. I bought a wise white owl ornament made of blown glass and picked up a little something for Mom.

I am the best kind of exhausted.