When I woke up this morning I had a strong urge to immerse myself in someone else’s art since I’ve been so caught up in my own. So I revisited the Pipilotti Rist exhibit — “Pour Your Body Out” — at the Museum of Modern Art and allowed myself to revel without time constraint. It was moving, meditative, surreal and absorbing. As time passed, I felt like I was sinking more and more into the sofa as images of bright tulips and water washed over me.

Afterward, I strolled up to the fifth floor to spend some time staring at Monet’s Waterlilies because it has much the same effect as the Rist exhibit without the advantage of technology and movement. Monet used light and shadow to create the feeling of motion.

I got home in the late afternoon and found an invitation to see Slumdog Millionaire in my email box. So I joined four friends and went to see the film that I can only assume will be getting the Oscar for ‘best picture.’ It was amazing, like nothing I’ve ever seen. The intensity, the story, the way it was shot. Just a brilliant piece of art. We were all blown away by it.

It was a day of art that far surpassed my expectations.