Between now and Tuesday I must decide who to vote for in the Hoboken mayoral election. It may just come down to who annoys me the least.

Please, folks, stop jamming my mailbox with high-quality paper flyers that say nothing. All it makes me think is that you are wasting precious money that could be directed to all the programs you’re promising to put into action.

And, please, stop calling my house. The caller ID number on my phone has come up for the same candidate four times in the last 24 hours. When I finally answer it, it will only be to ask you to stop calling me. I have cheerfully cooperated with two surveys about our city’s politics in the past few months, so I am not apathetic.

I am an informed citizen who knows where to get information about who’s running and what they stand for. All of the above makes you seem needy and desperate. These are not qualities we want in a mayor.

Happy to have that off my chest.

May the right person for the job emerge.