How was the Cake Boss party at Destino in New York City tonight?

It depends if you like real people who just happen to work their buns off to run a terrific bakery (that would be Carlos of Hoboken) and let the TLC television cameras roll while they do it.

Or if your idea of fab finger food is scallops, shrimp, steak bites, crab cakes, balsamic chicken and meatballs (and I mean real meatballs like my mother makes).

Or if your idea of dessert is courtesy of said bakery and comes in the form of a little cream puff filled with chocolate mousse, a chocolate-covered strawberry and a red velvet cupcake.

Say it isn’t so.

Thanks to Dave for taking it all in with me.  It was great to meet TLC folks Joanna and Dustin.

The new Cake Boss season starts next week — tune in!