I would venture to say the guy who just called here to conduct a survey on local politics got more than he bargained for. He was laughing his butt off as I consistently tried to stay within the multiple choice parameters but kept ranting essay answers instead.

Do I think Hoboken’s acting mayor Dawn Zimmer has too much power? Uh, no. She stepped in when our city needed a leader because the one that was voted in ran his mouth on FBI surveillance tape. Hello, people.

Is my opinion of the campaign running these too-much-power ads favorable or unfavorable? Hmmmm, is deplorable on the list? Can I say deplorable? Because the childish campaign that has subjected me to that commercial night after night, sometimes six times a night, will never get my vote.

I apologize to the pollster at this point, but he laughingly tells me this is the kind of stuff they need to know. Then he starts asking about New Jersey’s gubernatorial election, another fun topic.

Whew. Civic duty for the day. Check.