Went to the Holiday Craft Fair in Hoboken today and bought the prettiest glass bell ornament with colorful flowers painted on it. I must confess I was lured to the table filled with lovely glass pieces by a second grader named Victoria. She was “manning” the table while her grandmother went to fetch coffee.

While Grandma was gone, Victoria explained to me that she had personally placed the hair on the angel ornament and it was hard to do. And she showed me the one with the ice skating rink and big Christmas tree and explained it was “the city” and how she liked going there every year for the holidays.

I knew I was leaving that table with an ornament. I’ve never been able to resist reinforcing artistic and/or entrepreneurial pride in earnest young girls. The handful of painted seashells in my drawer are a testament to that, as they were purchased on family vacations from girls who set up a little stand on the beach promenade.

When Grandma returned, she was floored to see Victoria making a money transaction. I had to laugh.

What a sweet bonus on the day.