From a reader named Fran:

I wanted to thank you for your article on Fox Business about the health care plan that was signed into law this week by our president. I am a Democrat but I don’t always follow the party line; there are things in the bill I don’t like. But there are things in life I don’t like. Doesn’t mean I stop living.

What I liked most in your article was the part about how we need to find common ground — and how polarized we’ve become. I admit to falling into that trap as well — feeling myself an “us” and anyone who doesn’t agree with me a “them.” It seems such a hard mantle to shake off some days.

But your article helped me shake it off today and for that I’m grateful. There are plenty of us “lefties” who want good, happy, productive, fulfilling things for our nation and its people. And I keep reminding myself that there are “righties” who want that as well.

Thank you … thank you … for your article. Peace.