I’m going to declare what we have here as a monsoon. I’m not a meterologist, but high drama seems appropriate for the inconceivable winds and downpour going on outside my window. Kind of cool for people watching …

Bravely took a walk earlier and was astounded to see the line for Carlo’s Bakery (a.k.a., Cake Boss) still wrapped around the corner (as is the norm on weekends and some weekdays) as fans huddled under umbrellas and rain ponchos. People, this is fierce, whipping wind and driving rain. I dig Cake Boss, but really?

Amazed to also see the nutty weather didn’t hinder the issuing of parking tickets in Hoboken. A guy outside my apartment went ballistic when he found the drenched ticket on his car, which I had seen deposited there just a few minutes before.

The funniest part of the day has been the squeals of delight I hear periodically when people get caught up in a wind gust. It’s that kind of rain, where you can’t walk a foot without being soaked, so the folks who are smart enough to throw their hands in the air and surrender wind up laughing uproariously.