As I write this, my Game Plan column that went live yesterday, Born to Do Good Work, is the most emailed on It’s hard to predict why that happens with some and not others, but this one has such a simple message about the formula for success — do good work and do what you were born to do — that it is resonating with readers.

I thought of its message again this evening watching The Food Network’s “Chefography” on Guy Fieri. Fieri has been pursuing his passion for food since he was a child, starting with a roadside stand and a year in Paris while in high school. He opened his own restaurant in California which spawned others, all the while staying true to his bold personality and regular-guy style of eating.

Next he was open to his friends’ suggestions that he try out for The Next Food Network Star. Again, authenticity, hard work, confidence in what he was clearly born to do amounted to huge success with the audience. His parents taught him to be himself, be nice to others, follow his interests.

Sometimes it all adds up, doesn’t it?