Visited The Frayed Knot in Hoboken for the first time today. It’s filled with antiques, more than the eye can take in as you wander through. My friend Kathi and I were so amused and delighted.

One of the last things I feasted my eyes on was a GF Business Equipment red tweed office chair, circa 1979, that looked brand new. On wheels, with arms, and so comfortable. According to the tag, it was from the set of the TV show Mercy, which had a very short run on NBC and was filmed in Jersey City. (In fact, anyone in the market for a very large ‘Mercy Hospital” sign could fulfill their wish at this shop!).

I am sitting in the chair as I write this, marveling. I had planned on purchasing an office chair after the holidays (more in the budget then), but how was I to pass up a pristine $225 chair for $50? The others I was looking at were not as posh or functional and they had to be assembled. This one was whole and delivered for free.

Love, love, love the chair.