I don’t tend to read much of what’s on Oprah’s Book Club list, but for some reason I was very drawn to a book she had on her recent “Favorite Things” show. It’s called The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo. I think what struck me was that Oprah mentioned she reads a piece each day and I find that an appealing concept.

When I tracked it down at Borders yesterday I immediately loved that the little readings are dated for each day. Perfect way to start a morning, although I jumped in and read Nov. 27 on the train on the way home.

From Nepo’s introduction:

All I can ask of this work is that it comes over you the way the ocean covers a stone stuck in the open, that it surprises and refreshes, that it makes you or me glisten, and leaves us scoured as we are, just softer for the moment and more clear.