It is time to surrender. Move on. Get back “in flow.”

A decent, loving man who inspired me to write prayers for the first time in my life, who showed me a piece of my soul that I didn’t know existed, whose intellect so beautifully complemented mine came along nearly a year ago. I became attached to an outcome that isn’t to be and I have struggled to release it. Finally, I am done.

Consider it released, here and now. I am freeing heart space, energy space, love space. Giving it over to The Universe. Partly, I confess, because I’m weary of trying to understand when I’m probably not meant to. Partly, too, because it opens me to the new and fresh and I am so ready for that.

There is a photo on my kitchen wall of a window with gorgeous light shining through ferns. He took that photo last summer and to me it represents what happens when you let light in — shimmering beauty.

He is a lesson now. That lesson. I done good.