Was walking back home after running an errand in Hoboken today when I came across a baby bird on the sidewalk on Washington Street, our main drag. The tiny creature was alive, but struggling. There was a bigger bird trying to help it along to no avail and it eventually flew into the tree above the scene.

As pedestrians and bike riders went by I kept directing people around the injured little one so it wouldn’t get crushed. Several times I asked a restaurant worker who was standing outside among his empty tables to go get something that would help us scoop up the bird and move it to safety, but he looked at me like I was a dim bulb.

Thankfully, seeing me come undone, two kind women who were strolling with their kids and witnessed the scene offered up an empty frozen yogurt cup. One of them took charge and moved the bird. I felt such a sense of relief.

I hope the birds hovering above took it from there …