Oh yeah. You’ve got to love New York.

Today, feeling a little fraught but open, I was in desperate need of doing something very much outside my comfort zone. Just a few days ago my friend Chuck — who is prone to introduce me to some of the grittier, earthier things going on in New York — had told me about something called “Open Casting at Honey Space” on the West side of Chelsea.

What “inner course” actually means is that you will be taking a little course about you, going within. They call it “a psychodramatic audition for love in the age of abandonment” and the idea is to audition … for your life.

I had a last-minute change in my schedule in the late afternoon, so I ventured over. Chuck purposely didn’t reveal what happens there so I could experience it for myself, plus it is different for each person.  Even though it closes tomorrow, I’m going to stay discreet on the details except to say I now know what “softing” is.

Never dull.