Had a vivid dream last night that I was in a restaurant bar (I think) socializing and decided to leave my handbag on a bench next to a guy who looked trustworthy. I happily mingled. When I went back to retrieve my purse, the guy smiled and we said hello. I put the bag on my arm and started to leave.

When I went into the front pocket for my phone, it had been replaced by an older phone that wasn’t even working. I went back and asked what happened to my phone, but the guy just shrugged. There was no resolution before I woke up.

Oddly enough, I know exactly what this dream is telling me (as opposed to almost every other dream I have): Open your eyes fully, sister. Trust, but maybe not so blindly. Lift up those rose-colored glasses every so often and stare things down straight on.

Yep. Dreamy.