Can’t help but notice in a week where I’ve been caught up in doing and determinedly making things happen that I’m getting little messages to remind me to chill and let some things unfold naturally.

While there are tons of people benefitting from the sweet wisdom of each day, it still rocks me on a personal level sometimes. Perhaps it’s those days when I’m feeling most “awake” and attentive. The last two days went like this:

The world is filled with many colorful characters, Nancy, one or many of whom would be absolutely thrilled to play along in any drama you’d care to create – romantically, socially, financially, comically – any.

You just have to let me do the casting – have to.

Truly thrilled,
The Universe

You decide what you want, Nancy, physically move in its direction and I’ll “send in the clowns.”

AND this:

The questions you have to answer, Nancy, pertain to what, where, when, and why.

Mine pertain to how and with whom.

The Universe

When you know the end result, Nancy, I always know the fastest way.

In addition, my reading from Mark Nepo’s The Book of Awakening this morning put in its two cents:

Perhaps the greatest challenge, once fully awake, is to drop all reaching and simply open like a clam waiting in the deep until life in all its guises floods through the half-closed center that is us. Then God enters us like a brilliant stone falling in a lake, and the past ripples behind us, and the future ripples before us, and we are breathing in eternity.

And in a moment of levity, there was this Tweet this morning from an account my friend turned me on to. It’s called @LifeCoachers and it’s a, shall we say, sarcastic take on the profession. Try to convince me it wasn’t written for me today:

Here’s hoping you’re someday man enough to turn that grapefruit into a western omelet, Nancy.

How about right now? 😉