Spent some beach time last week devouring the September issues of Vogue and Elle. Part of the thrill of that is seeing what I already have in my wardrobe that will feel fresh because it’s trending.

For example, when I saw the Gilt Girl page described as “blown-up old-school Rococo-via-Versace motifs” it immediately brought to mind my classic black and gold Medusa scarf purchased at the Versace boutique on Fifth Avenue the day after Gianni Versace was killed in 1997. I tied it on my bag today and it was uplifting.

That led my mind to wonder what ever happened to the very close-fitting Versace black scuba pants I bought shortly thereafter. Well, I unearthed them this evening and — thanks to some revved up, diligent working out this summer — they slid right on. It’s like having new Versace pants!

Since faux fur is also trending this season, they’ll probably make an appearance paired with another piece in my closet  — my Rachel Roy white fur jacket. Love.

One of my favorite things about flipping through Vogue was the Missoni for Target spread, from fashion to housewares. Check out the whole line on Fashionista.