Every year for the last six summers or so while vacationing at the beach, I’ve bought a painted seashell from the young girls who set up a little stand on the promenade in Lavallette. I love to encourage their creativity and their entrepreneurial spirit.

Let’s take it up a notch.

This Thanksgiving weekend I had a chance to spend time with two young women in my family, both of whom are working hard at their creative pursuits and selling their wares. Deanna, pursuing a business degree at Dutchess Community College, is passionate about baking. Chelsea, a student at the Cleveland Institute of Art, is studying jewelry and metals.

Check out Deanna’s goodies (and if you live near Wappingers Fall, N.Y., order some!) at The Mixing Bowl and Chelsea’s store, Chowlsee, and see what she’s crafting. Both are now part of my Blogroll (at left).

So inspiring. Rock on.