Dear “Lawrence Pingtrelle” —

I received your recent email regarding my “Are You Posing or Living?” Game Plan column and wrote you a response, but it bounced back. Hmmmm. Since I just turned 50 and I’m feeling all open and authentic, I decided to share it with the masses. My response, exactly as emailed to you, is below.

Just read you “Are we Posing or Living” article.

My goodness. Not only was it lame, it felt like reading something a weighty 9th grade wanna-be writer would churn out.

“Why can’t we all stop and smell the roses?”

Seriously, you fucking suck.

Please keep in mind that I went out of my way to let you know just how awful this piece was. Imagine how many people agree but didn’t bother.

I’m doing you a favor by informing you of this. Plus I honestly suspect you know what a weak article this was. Any of your so-called “friends” who would tell you otherwise are sycophants.

You’re welcome.

My response:

I can’t tell you how much I love working up this kind of passion in people, Lawrence. Thanks for writing and best wishes for an abundant 2012.