I am all about the nuns right now. Just ask my friends. They’ve been getting regular updates where I’m practically out of breath with delight. Rise up, Sisters. You are doing good work.

I ‘divorced’ the Church years ago in the wake of the priest molestation scandal and have proudly developed a well-rounded spiritual life that includes my love of some things Catholic. What is happening between the Leadership Conference of Women Religious and the Vatican Doctrinal Assessment fascinates me and I stand squarely with the nuns.

I was particularly annoyed to see a prominent publication refer to one nun as ‘outspoken.’ She’s scholarly, worldly and an attorney. How is expressing her opinion outspoken? Sounds to me like a buzzword for a woman standing up to a man.

How I got all this from the death of Helen Gurley Brown on the birthday of Annie Oakley I’m not sure, but yeah, that’s what happened.

Today’s Game Plan: Life Lessons from an Editor, a Sharp Shooter and Some Nuns