On the day Hurricane Sandy hit, my friend Kathi and I were supposed to go to St. John the Divine to hear Dr. Eben Alexander talk about his book, Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife. With the aftermath of the storm and then the holidays it fell off my radar, but last week I checked to see if it had been rescheduled. Sure enough, it was just days away.

This year, even more so than others, I am ever aware of the tone I’m setting in January and so all of this transpiring in the last week melded together and made for a transformative experience to begin the year. This will give you an idea what I mean.

Today’s Game Plan: Taking My Own Advice in the January Push

It should be noted that while I wrote the column a few days ago prior to reading the book, I have since consumed the book in its entirety. I loved how it was structured, the messages sent to and received by Dr. Alexander to be delivered to the rest of us in this stunning story, and his diligence about recording his journey prior to reading about other near death experiences.

I have marked so many passages in the book that I suspect will be seeping into my writing, but this one moves me today because it perfectly summarizes what I now feel — Dr. Alexander was sent to help us understand the connection between science and the divine:

What I’d experienced was more real than the house I sat in, more real than the logs burning in the fireplace. Yet there was no room for that reality in the medically trained scientific worldview that I’d spent years acquiring. How was I going to create room for both of these realities to exist?

I love how he has opened this up for us.