You know what’s kind of dreamy for a writer (read: me)? The right outlet. You know what’s even dreamier? Several of those.

It occurred to me today, just today, that I have manifested something I’ve been saying I want. It’s options within my writing. It’s kind of like, “here’s what I have to say today — now where can I put it?” I confess that I never thought it would look like this.

Come on into my head for a moment if you dare. I’m walking down the street or strolling through a store or conversing with a friend and I get an idea. It develops and I want to write about it. But where? Privately in my notebook? On my Unfettered 50 site? Here? In my book? Or in one of the two blogs I’ve been contracted to write — Day Brake and Live Riveted (link to come)?

This is pretty amazing. Because, well, writers write. We ideally write about what moves us. And every single outlet I mentioned above moves the heck out of me. I keep saying I’m never going to retire because I’m never going to stop writing. I am so clear that my No. 1 focus is to live my life and chronicle it. And that it is my livelihood.

The Universe is listening.

A moment in my day that makes me nod and acknowledge myself for something will probably become a post for A Day Well Lived. Something that deepens my understanding of me as a writer and/or coach will likely be expressed here. Essays that are cultural, weighty, controversial, serious or imparting advice go to Unfettered 50. Others’ stories of living in the now on their own terms are a fit for Live Riveted. The book and all subsequent books are for stories and topics that require length and exploration in a deeper context. My notebook, well, that’s mostly a place to sort out everything before it gets to any of the aforementioned outlets.

It all fits. It ALL fits.