Boy Meets Girl Meets Marketing

Stacy M. Igel is one of those great ‘bootstraps’ stories and it was a pleasure to talk with her recently about how she’s using all the tools at her disposal to crank up sales for her company and its clothing line, Boy Meets Girl. You never have to...

Earth to the Vatican

According to the Associated Press: [Pope] Benedict’s actions have been marked by “transparency, firmness and severity in shedding light on the various cases of sexual abuse committed by priests and clergymen,” the Vatican newspaper...

Note to self

If I’m any kind of life coach at all, it’s essential that I get some perspective from the personal events of today and extract the lesson for myself just as I would for a client. So here goes. Stop lowering your expectations. In fact, raise them. A lot....


Shout-out to Stephen F. Smith for including me on this “Twitters Worth Following” list on Can’t say I’ve ever been on a list that includes Michael Strahan and Martha Stewart.


Courtesy of today’s Writer’s Almanac: “The writer should never be ashamed of staring. There is nothing that does not require his attention.” — Flannery O’Connor