I woke up this morning and made oatmeal. On my kitchen wall was a photo of a window in Ireland that a friend took. I had it blown up and framed because I really like how the light comes through the ferns.

But it never really fit the wall. The scale was off. I tried to make it work. Had a few ideas that were never quite right.

This morning I took it down and replaced it with a piece of art that used to hang there. It’s painted silk. It’s a bunch of fish in vibrant reds, pinks, blues. I painted it while in Turks and Caicos many years ago and it’s a reminder of how much fun it is to blast out of your creative comfort zone. I had never painted anything before that day. Years later when I had it framed, the woman in the frame shop took great care with it and we put it in pewter.

It is a perfect fit on the wall again. Later I bought some multi-colored Gerbera daisies for the table in front of it because I just adore their bright, lively vibe.

There are so many symbolic meanings for fish, but today I’m going with the Buddhist one: happiness and freedom.

On my wall. In my life.