A few weeks ago I turned 50. It fits like a pair of sleek black leather boots.

I had already begun to feel an intense sense of liberation at age 49. Hard to explain, but a shift occurred and it has only escalated since hitting the milestone. And far be it for me to be able to experience something without expressing it via ‘quill.’

It hit. Suddenly I had the urge to chronicle my 50s. The writer who has lived inside me from as far back as I can remember came to even greater attention at the idea of releasing ideas, of freeing thoughts held back out of self-consciousness. I decided I wanted to be unfettered.

Hence the birth of Unfettered 50, the portion of this blog dedicated to thoughts from that place. Readers can continue to come to my main blog and find posts in the categories of Write Thinking and Unfettered 50 mixed together, or choose to use the navigation on the upper left and just read entries under one of those categories.

I am so excited about challenging myself to be my most authentic self in this space. What a wonderful pull to action.