Let’s go inside my mind for an entire workout, shall we? In fact, let’s start prior.

I wake up this morning with a headache. First thought, no gym. Perfect excuse. Takes about five minutes for hard-driving Nancy to kick in and say, really? Get over yourself. Pop some Excedrin and let’s go. So you did yoga last night and now you feel all “obligation fulfilled.” No, it’s not. Get thee to the gym.

It begins, as always, with stretching all nice and solo in an empty aerobics room. Really started to get the value of stretching about a year ago and now it’s vital. The music gets me pumped and the blood starts flowing and then I’m on a mat doing abs. Headache is almost gone. Pat myself on the back for pushing myself.

Time to lift. Doing upper body today. At machine one, I spot a guy I’ve never seen before. Oh my. Michael Jackson is blaring in my ears and I am covertly (?) enjoying this maybe 30-year-old working a nearby machine. Each time I move to another station, the mirrors all around keep him in my sights. Thank you, whoever you are, because between watching you and the effects of highly caffeinated Excedrin kicking in, I am pushing myself hard.

Now for the elliptical. I hop on. Not one to turn on the TV when I’m doing cardio, I’m focused on the Van Halen coming through the iPod. A young woman next to me is watching “Sex and the City” and come on, I have to watch. I instantly recognize it as the last one in the  series because Carrie is cradling her broken necklace at the front desk of her Parisian hotel. Big is about to walk in.

My mind is churning. I love and hate Big simultaneously. I know what it feels like to have a guy care, not do anything about it, but never really go away either. He stakes no claim, but checks in every so often and changes the subject whenever I bring up my dating life or sex life. Big. Grrrrr. And yet, he tells Carrie she’s the one and I get teary. I don’t even have the audio and I’m all emotional.

Now Pink is coming through my earphones. Yeah, man. She’s still a rock star. She’s got her rock moves. Don’t mess. And now Harry is telling Charlotte they’re getting a Chinese baby and he shows her a picture of a gorgeous little girl. Charlotte cries and I’m teary again.

I take off one earphone and motion to the woman next to me. She looks at me quizzically and I tell her I’m all teary when I can’t even hear what she’s watching. She smiles and says, “I know. Me, too.”

We go back to our elliptical worlds. I finish up and head toward the locker room, but not before one of my gym buddies stops me. He’s a married guy who routinely tells me I’m hot and is clearly looking for some side action. I tell him I’m not interested. He pushes a bit. Really? ‘Cause as tempting as it is to hook up with a guy who’s breaking vows, wouldn’t spend a single holiday with me and hasn’t an ounce of interest in my intellect, I’m gonna pass.

Whew, another workout in the bag.