Oh, baby, have I been working. And so has an amazing woman named Jeanne Weierheiser. I am so pleased to share that the result of our energetic collaboration is Unfettered50.com. It launches today and it makes me giddy.

Regular readers of this space know that since last year I often tag some of my posts “Unfettered 50.” I got the idea early in 2012, after turning 50 in late 2011, and I purchased the domain name. But I had a lot going on in my life and I wasn’t prepared to give it a real go despite the Facebook page by that name gifted to me by a friend with a good heart – Todd Lieman.

That brings me to that old saying about one door closing and another opening. As of March 1, this independent contractor ended a five-year column-writing gig. It was admittedly jarring because the column had become a habit, but slowly my soul caught up to my intellect as it told me repeatedly that I had done all there was to do in that forum. A beautiful opportunity that had run its course.

But then, what?

Exploration. I have railed here. I have been impatient. I have questioned. I have opened, opened, opened. Another cliche started overriding all else — build it and they will come. I had to keep turning up the volume on that, humming along with faith and calmly answering well-meaning questions about how it would generate income.

Patience. I have that way more than ever before. Much emotional and spiritual work over the years, but honestly an escalation of the concept the last two months. This took front and center — Follow your marching orders. You hear them. Go. Do. Be.

If not now, when?

I keep joking about how my new job is to figure out how my 50-something self fits in to this new world created by 25-year-olds. I see it pretty clearly now and I’m just sitting back and letting it evolve. Try this. What about that? Open.

I’ve been challenged by me, Nancy (a.k.a. my biggest critic), to shed ideas that are no longer viable and figure out what might be possible instead. I’ll be darned if all kinds of stuff didn’t come rushing in when I removed the filter. That essay I want to write can go from a germ of an idea to published product in a few hours. I’ve known that for a while, right? But I’m just getting the power of it now.

I attached the number to Unfettered 50 because I felt this sudden freedom when I hit this milestone decade, but truly I want readers to come along on the Unfettered journey no matter their age. Just because it took me a while to get here doesn’t mean it’s the same for everyone else. However, I do think many of my 50-something brothers and sisters will especially understand the liberation of getting to this point in life.

Please check out the site. I explain who I am, why I created it and welcome readers to seek Unfettered Advice. There’s a newsletter, connections to social media (Unfettered Pinterest boards, oh my), and even a spot called You May Want to Rethink That for dispensing advice when something hits me off the news cycle. There’s also a place to connect to my weekly Day Brake posts at A Day Well Lived.

I have ideas for moving forward and it will be a fun challenge to execute them all with the vision of Jeanne in the mix. She has a way of making my musings into something better than I could have imagined. Blessings abound on this project and beyond.

Here we go, folks. Here. We. Go.